Argan Oil with Crystal Serum For Hair Breakage

Many experts around the world call this product “liquid gold” because it can give new life to dry hair and make it look different. Argan oil is the oil that can help moisturize hair in a natural way, and that can help you get rid of frizz as well as roughness of hair in a natural and effective way.

Researchers have turned their attention to argan oil due to its scarcity- it can only be found in select areas of southern Morocco. Its expensive nature makes it the most vibrant and luxurious oil available. Therefore, combining argan oil with crystal oil provides numerous benefits- such as nourishing and hydrating hair, protecting against damage, reducing split ends, alleviating dandruff, and even diminishing hair loss. These essential oils are extracted from the argan tree, usually located in Morocco but also present in Algeria.

Benefits of argan oil:
Argan oil contains various types of nutrients. It is used primarily for hair or skin care, through some cosmetics.
Many experts around the world call this product “liquid gold” because it can give new life to dry hair and make it look different.
Argan oil is the oil that can help naturally moisturize hair, and that can help you get rid of frizz as well as the roughness of hair naturally and effectively.

Penetration of hair follicles. Argan oil can deeply penetrate the hair follicles and shaft, enhancing its elasticity. This formulation also helps nourish the hair.

Damaged hair treatment. Argan oil is also famous for treating damaged hair by helping control unmanageable hair, It contains a lot of natural antioxidants that will help strengthen weak hair.

Argan oil is a beloved natural source of vitamin E and is often chosen by professionals for healing damaged hair. Many hair treatment products include argan oil, as its vitamin E content is known to be particularly beneficial for revitalizing hair strands weakened by environmental stressors such as sunlight and pollution.

The natural luster of hair. You can also use argan oil to add shine to your hair and can restore the natural luster and shine of hair beautifully.

Hair softness. If you have a color treatment on your hair, using this product will help you remove brittleness and restore its natural smoothness.
For those who love to treat and style their hair, this product will help repair and restore damaged hair.

Omega 3 fatty acids. This argan oil is also rich in Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids that will help in healing split ends.

How to use:
Put a few drops of oil on the palm, then massage it into dry or wet hair for at least two minutes.

How can I use argan oil for hair?

  • As a hair styling product.
  • Heat protectant for hair.
  • Strengthens hair for healthy growth.
  • As a treatment for a scalp condition.

Argan oil for hairdressing:
Whatever your hair type - dry, normal, curly, thin, thick, coarse, wavy, or curly - rely on argan oil to make your locks shine! Tame frizz, straighten, or define your curls with this natural oil, which provides elasticity, eliminates friction, and helps prevent hair breakage. To use, apply a few drops to damp hair before styling with a brush or hair dryer. Feel free to use argan oil to boost your curls and add length!

Style your hair with argan oil in 3 easy steps:

  1. Gently towel-dry your hair to create a clean, damp look.
  2. Apply a generous amount onto your hair and work it in from scalp to tips.
  3. Add to roots in small quantities.
Increase the volume of thin hair:
To increase the volume of thin hair, you must use argan oil.
  • Putting a simple spray on your hair
  • Rub the month softly
Studies and research:
Studies in the USA have demonstrated the versatility of this oil, due to its distinct combination of antioxidant and moisturizing abilities. It can increase skin elasticity and preserve moisture, refining the look of stretch marks, dark circles, burns, and wrinkles - as well as harm caused by smoking, impurities, or intense sunlight. It also helps regulate sebum production, so the skin will not gleam while promoting overall body alkalinity for a luminous complexion.

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